Thursday, August 31, 2006

I See

I see a generation that wants to take its' future in its' hands. I see a generation that speaks out against injustice, corruption and misconduct. I see a generation that stands together a sone against societal ills. A generation where girls dress to cover their nakedness and guys dress respectfully. I see a generation where all speak out their mind without fear of victimization or loss of life. I see a generation of friendly mother and daughter in laws. I see a generation that does not shout down its' children, rather, one that takes time out to explain things to them so that they do not repeat generational mistakes. I see a generation that stands as ambassadors of her motherland, a generation that takes the lead in the world with its' peers following joyfully after. I see truth and beauty in this generation...

This generation will not just spring out of space. This generation is with you, with me, with us, closer than we think. This generation walks around on the street, this generation lives next door, this generation sits behind a desk in the schools, this generation just smiled at you a few minutes ago, this generation is crying out loud - 'Do you see us?'

Sunday, August 27, 2006

When Sleep is Sweet

Some weeks back, I had a little problem falling asleep. I tried all I could to sleep as I wanted but all failed. I read, had cold shower, changed my sleeping position, tried all, even prayed bt the result was not much different from the previous. Something then happened. I changed the sheet on my bed!

I changed to a blue background with large flower print sheet and somehow, the sleep just came. I'm not saying the change of sheet did the therapy but I sure noticed a difference.

How many times do we just feel refreshed simply because we changed the flowers in our vase? When new flowers spring up in the backyard, doesn't it just give you a sense of 'hmn... this is the feeling'? A floral background on your PC makes work more interesting to do and a large poster on the wall in your home can be very welcoming.

Give yourself a floral week. Just spread the flowers all around you and see the wonders. Most especially, add a tinge of flowers to your room and have that lovely sleep! Don't you just want to sleep away...? Not working hours anyway.

Together, Forever

When people come together to do things, they end up doing it faster, and easier. The work is well distributed and everyone should be happier at the end of it all. I said should cuz the end is not always as interesting or as enjoyable as one intends.

But, I looked at a bunch of flowers (ODODO) and I learnt something. They are bound together whether they like it or not and they have to do the same work together - add beauty. If one decides to come out of the bunch, who loses? It does. People may not even notice! But if all sticks decide to fall out, then the beauty is diminished and the sweet scent that was to emanate becomes a stench of rotting flowers and all are sad.

Do we not learn something from the bunch of flowers? We can collectively work towards making things better in our world, exude beauty and a nice aroma and at the end of it, experience the refreshing cool feel of water that the bunch feels when it it is bought off the floral shelf and presented as a gift and the recipient loosens the ribbon and places them in a cool glass of water to do a better work of unity!

Working together can actually be fun. Try it this week.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

How easy to laugh?

How easy is it for you to laugh? Do you laugh heartily without 'forming' for those around you? Are you bothered who is watching and what they think about you? You think you're making a fool of yourself? You think it contributes to societal noise? Is it as therapeutic as it was when you were a child and had no cares?

Listen close, hear the ringing of that laughter. Look out of your window. Who is laughing? Kids! Without any care(s) in the world! Throw your cares away and laugh away the blueness this weekend. Really, you'ld get that glow you so admire on those kids.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

I want to be a Queen

'What would you like to be in future?' I'm sure you were asked that question several times as a growing kid. You probably said a doctor, lawyer, engineer, writer... anything. You just thought wide. Now, you ask the same question of some other kid and you expect them to answer.

For some of you, the dream has come to pass while for others, the dream changed and for some of us, the dream is in the making process. I heard this particular child say 'I want to be a queen'. Funny aint it? But that is what she wants to become. Come to think of it, as a queen, she can change so many things! She can change policies to suit other kids (she is one and knows how they think and what they wished adults were not doing), she could do something to stop dadies from running away from their mummies, she could just have the answer to the problem of run away kids! So much from the wish of a child. Don't you just want to be queen?

The beauty of a child

Hmn... this picture reminds me how beautiful our world really is with the countless wonderful kids we see around. Do you think the same? No? Not that child with mucus dripping down his nostrils or that one who is dirty from playing in the sand or that particular one who as oil all over his body. Definitely, that aint beautiful I hear you say.

But pause a bit. What makes a woman cuddle that liitle pink or brown bundle that comes out of her even when he doesn't seem to have any form? There's a natural beauty attached to these dear souls.

Stumbling on this picture just brought together the three definitions I gave of ODODO. Truth, beauty and the child! Look around you, when next it looks like the world is crumbling down and appreciate the innocent look and play of that child, enjoy the richness of his laughter and let his cry pierce your conscience to come to his aid as that cry is actually one of HELP ME!

Would they read?

We have this general saying that Nigerians do not read. I totally diagree with this though a visit to secondary schools recently further 'confirmed' this saying. Teachers were asked what the learning problems of students were and they responded that they do not read. How would they read? What would they read?

I discovered it isn't that they do not want to read, just that they are many times not motivated to. English language is their second language and many dread that language. Who would help them overcome this fear of starting out in a strange language? A nation that reads is empowered. A child that reads is on his way to being a world leader.

Many of them also do not have the books available. I was just thinking about this. When next that child (teenagers inclusive) is receiving a gift from you, why don't you get a book he can begin with instead of building his toy pool or adding more chocolate layers to his teeth? Buy him that book but also find the time to answer the questions that arise after the reading is completed.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Do you see the future?

I believe the children are our future
Teach them well and let them lead the way
Show them al the beauty they possess inside
Give them a sense of pride to make it easier
Let the children's laughter remind us how we used to be

Everyone is looking for a hero
People need someone to look up to
I never found anyone who fulfil my needs
A lonely place to be
So I learnt to depend on me

These are the first verses of Whitney Houston's Greatest love of all. This song tells me alot about these lil kids we see everyday and just pass as 'the kid next door'. Let me ask this question. Can you count how many 'kids next door' you know who have risen to be world figures? Even if they have grown to be international figures yet, at least folks who have become national figures? People you look at and you just remember those times you used to play together in the sand and on the street? And you wonder, what happened?

What happened was that someone saw a future in that kid and helped him get there. Even if the idea was conceived in his head, he had someone at least who helped him rise. Picture this, the president of Nigeria in a few years from now is reaing his appreciation speech and while mentioning names he cannot forget in his rise to what he is, your name is heard. How would you feel?

There is a 'little' star out there who is waiting for his hand to be pulled up. He wants to leave that sitting position and stand in that place where his peers have only dreamed about. He wants to read his speech on that day when his invention and effort is recognized internationally and proudly call your name for an international standing ovation. I'm almost tempted to put on a global page the names of those who have contributed to making me who I am today but I feel I would be cheating some people of adding their contribution. So, as strong as the temptation is, I refuse to fall for it. I'll do my 'thank yous' soon anyway.

You know what would add an eternal star to your name? Seeing the future in that little one who you see or pass or even know about. Do you see the future? I see it.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

What is beautiful?

Ododo in the Yoruba language, a tribe in Nigeria means many things. Three meanings readily come to mind. One, it means flower, two, it means truth and in the third place, another word is added to it to mean a child is a flower of honour.

This word to me with it's diverse meanings convey one meaning. There's truth in beauty and beauty in truth. Have you ever wondered what makes a flower what it is? How many people would not stop at one time or the other in their life to appreciate a flower? They are there all around you to appreciate always. The scent fills the earth with a lovely aroma and the colours add that special touch to our world.

Truth, hmn... that's something that seems to be diminishing fast in our society but who says it doesn't still exist? Is there someone out there who would stand for the truth even when it hurts?

And the children, oh, so pretty things. They are my passion. I love them and I see beauty in their innocent looks, questions and 'unguarded' play. How I wish time could be reversed so I could be like one of these again, no cares, no worries, plain innocence! Would you like to add positively to the lives of the future? Then, you're in the right place!

Starting Out Again

Starting out is fun but starting out again is more fun. I tried before, made some mistakes and determined to try again. This tells me something. If you do not fail once, you cannot learn better. Really, this thrills me and I hope someone out there learns something from this. You cannot afford to sit still, fold your arms and accept defeat. Let's start this trip together and I'm sure you'll enjoy this just as I look forward to enjoying your company.

Welcome to my world.