Wednesday, December 20, 2006

May your days be merry and bright

I remember a carol that has this line 'May your days be merry and bright' and I smile. Not the kind of smile that comes from fond memories but one that actually comes from remembering some sad occurences.

On the 16th of this month, I lost a very dear friend. We practically grew up together. Same primary school, same secondary school and we were seat partners in class throughtout our junior days. It was a very bad blow. This christmas comes with a lil' shadow over it...

And my heart goes out to all, I remember one now - Gambo, who this season remind of their loss. May God, who alone can comfort the mourning and downcast, comfort our hearts and apply the balm that soothes all pain on our heart. I'm with you this period, accept my heartfelt sympathy.

The future will bring smiles to our faces and a new occurence that'll overshadow the past bitter one will come our way, Amen.

Once, not so long ago...

In five days, it'll be christmas again. This picture reminds me of santa and my visits to him in those days. It looks so long ago but really it isn't that long. Reminiscence...the yuletide season brings about many memories:
- of santa and his grotto
- of new clothes and the enthusiasm to wear them
- of gifts and the delight they brought
- of the food and drinks that came with the season
- of the beautiful green, red and gold colour combination
- of the sweet smell of harmattan
The list is endless but really, not so long ago, there was this eager look out for the yuletide, now, it's more of reflections. Anyone share this sentiment?

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas is made!

Tonight, something beautiful happened to me! And to this blog! I got my account information mixed up somehow and from the time of the last post till now, I've not been happy with myself. I just could not get into my dashboard but after a lot of trouble shooting tonight, I got in! Glad am I? That makes christmas for me and to you, I say, have a really swell time.

In the celebration of the season, I plead that you remember Nigeria in your prayers so that next year christmas, we'll have better and sweeter stories to share on our democracy - democracy transition.

God bless Naija!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Decoration? Food?

You'll agree with me that these pictures really look like pictures and not what they really are - food! Many times I wonder if the plates we see or that are set before us are actually suppossed to be devoured or admired. Thinking of how long it must have taken the chef to prepare such a delicacy, I think it would be cruel to dig into them and consume them and on the other hand, I think we might just be breaking the chef's heart if we don't savour the nicely painstakingly prepared food.

What do you think?


The way and precison an eagle glides over mountains and through the sky is enough reason for anyone to be determined to surpass all that may come along the journey of life. I watched a documentary on the eagle recently and discovered that there a quite a number of eagle species and each has its' own adaptation for the kind of region it can survive in, the kind of prey it hunts and the type of flight it engages in. None tries to stand in a place where it cannot survive and continue to strive there without success.

This reminds me of what some human beings do. We generally tend to envy those around us and manytimes wish we were where they were. Do we pause to ask ourselves if we are 'adapted' for that kind of position? Rather than sit, sulk and wish, why don't you decide, like the eagle, to soar above your limitation(s) and leave your mark there?

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Add a smile

I'm smiling all the way now. Really. What would have been a really dull and boring evening for me was turned around by a very wonderful soul who chose to respond to the call of a soul.

I had asked this friend of mine (sorry, I can't name him cuz I didn't ask for the permission to do so) if I could visit him to brighten up my evening. Instead of telling me to come over, he came over to my place and took me out.

Take a pause here, apart from the 'going out' and its' attendant pleasures, I thought how beautiful the world would be with such more wonderful souls out there adding a smile to someone's face and removing the blue from our days. Will you dare to be the answer to someone's prayer today?